Mysterious Updates to be coming soon?

<--Look at this awesome poster! What could it exactly be for, though?
I wonder how we can get one...

Wow! That place is beautiful! In fact, it's the new Temple they are adding in Jungle Planet! So excited!->

And this, (below) Is a character line-up! From left to right, they are:

Anna Vexla (villain), Nyxx (Villain), Jean Claude Lizardman (Villain), Krill (Hero), Sparky (Hero), Zed (Hero), Kira (Hero), Young Ace (Hero), Professor Q (Hero), Dr Z (Villain), Gizmo (Hero), Smashbot (Villain), Lord Shadowbot (Villain)

What could all this mean? It may be a piece of Little Space Heroes history that can evolve into a new quest...

Signing off, Astronomical :)


  1. they r LSH characters who never show up



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