Game News of April 2012

Sorry we haven't been updated for so long-- I have been working on alot of stuff! I've just been confirmed of some new news in LSH-- to be posted about very soon. But in the meanwhile, let's recap on April and new things that have happened on Little Space Heroes this month.

Jungle Planet
Welcome to the Jungle! Trek into the trees with your friends, camp out under the summer sky and take in the beautiful sights and sounds. Soon, more places on the exotic and mysterious Jungle Planet will be opened up to all adventurous heroes!  Space Heroes can soon show their nurturing side in the new community garden. There will be games and activities to play and new badges to earn. 
Another popular spot which has sprouted is the Tree House. It’s the latest hangout for heroes looking to share traveller’s tales and take a time-out from adventure. Meanwhile, interest is building on the recently uncovered ancient temple: kids are tracing its history and preparing for new activities in this puzzling world. What do you think might be inside?

The Crystal Planet
Heroes are discovering the regenerative properties of the Crystal Planet. You can now enter the magical Crystal Palace and discover new caverns and life-forms. There are deep caverns to explore - but be warned, there are some life-forms with not-so-glowing personalities!
Heroes will love nurturing glowbies using gems they collect from around the game: by feeding them, heroes can watch cute Glowbies grow instantly. Adventurous heroes traverse mazes and avoid predators back to the serenity of the Palace interior.

New Hero home options
Now heroes can bask in the great outdoors at their very own home with new additions to their home pad. Our new space catalog gives heroes more choice to personalize their own backyard. Heroes can retreat to their home pad and choose how to enjoy the easy life: on deck chairs, tending to colourful pot plants or comparing likenesses with the resident scarecrow!
Heroes can now also put a call out to their friends without leaving the front yard. Free players can score exclusive members-only goodies by inviting friends to join them in Little Space Heroes. Just click on the mailbox in front of your hero homepad to send an invite to friends. Players need to make sure they respect this system - only legitimate friend invites are counted. It’s not all that hard to invite a real person and the whole point of this is to make Little Space Heroes a really fun, active, buzzing community with lots of friends playing together. Rewards earned fraudulently (e.g. setting up fake email addresses just to get rewards) are against the rules and we do review the logs and may take away rewards if it’s found to have been scammed.

Kritterz feeding
Little Kritterz and little space heroes: it’s a match made in space! Heroes now can become better carers by rewarding their pets with food.
Kids love parading their best friends around the Home planet and showing off how cute their pet is. Each little Kritter pulls a handsome crowd as it nibbles and dances its way to a full belly. But no space hero is the same and neither are our Kritterz: Rex adores juicy legs of ham, where Astro the dog hops madly for stringy sausages. Our Yoonie-corn can’t get enough of cosmic carrots while there’s no way the fluffy Purrbo kitty cat has a craving for sushi!

Looks wonderful, right! In fact, this will kick off the posting spree of LSH News. Be prepared!




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